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Antoniazzo Romano and Montefalco

Inauguration 2016, December 10, 4 pm
Saint Francis Museum of Montefalco


New extraordinary exhibition in the Saint Francis Museum of Montefalco, promoted by the City of Montefalco, Region of Umbria and local businessmen.
The exhibition, from December 11 to May 7, is dedicated to Antonio Aquili (known as Antoniazzo Romano), the most famous painter in Rome in the second half of the fifteenth century; an important tempera on panel is hosted  in  the Museum of Montefalco; the masterpiece, with a gold background, representes S. Vincent, S.Illuminata and S. Nicholas.
The new project renewed the partnership between the City of Montefalco and the Vatican Museums, with a masterpiece from the Vatican's collection loaned to the Museum of Montefalco. The recently restored piece representing the Virgin and Child among Saints Paul, Benedict, Giustina and Peter, painted by Antoniazzo Romano in 1488-90, will be compared with Montefalco artwork to better understand the rich and multifaceted Artist's personality.




Saint Francis Museum of Montefalco