24th June – 4th November 2018
Saint Francis Museum Complex
Montefalco (Pg)




An important century for a very important exhibition, form 24th June to 4 November 2018.

The exhibition “Capolavori del Trecento. Il cantiere di Giotto, Spoleto e l’Appennino”, designed and curated by Vittoria Garibaldi, Alessandro Delpriori, and Bernardino Sperandio, includes about 70 artworks, mainly extraordinary early fourteenth century gold backgrounds and sculptures, from prestigious domestic and international collections at four exhibition venues: in Trevi the Museo di San Francesco, in Spoleto the Museo Diocesano - Basilica di Sant’Eufemia and the Museo Nazionale del Ducato, in Montefalco the San Francesco Museum Complex. The Spazio Arte Valcasana in Scheggino will be featuring an exciting overview on the pattern of churches, parishes, hermitages and abbeys in Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Lazio where artists inspired by Giotto worked between the end of the thirteenth and the early fourteenth century, connected by means of organised routes which will allow for the discovery of enchanting locations and works of art. 

The permanent collections of the hosting museums are seamlessly linked with unique masterpieces, some of them on loan for the first time.
It is worth mentioning the two amazing altar frontals from the state rooms of His Holiness the Pope, both of them from Montefalco, masterfully restored for the occasion in the Vatican Museum workshops; or the extraordinary connection between the Tryptic with the Coronation of the Virgin by the Maestro di Cesi and the Crucifix with Christus triumphans, both of them painted for the monastery of Santa Maria della Stella in Spoleto, currently separated, one being at the Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris and the other at the Museo del Ducato in Spoleto. For the first time since the beginning of the nineteenth century they will be on display together. 

Between the thirteenth and the fourteenth century, Umbria was the venue of a major medieval artistic revolution. This exceptional exhibition presents a selection of artistic culture from this period. Its reconstruction of the corpus of artworks by anonymous masters, including the Maestro delle Palazze, the Maestro di Sant'Alò, Maestro di San Felice di Giano, Maestro di Cesi, Maestro di San Ponziano, Maestro della Croce di Trevi, Maestro della Croce di Visso, Maestro di Fossa, most of them both painters and sculptors, sheds light on a painting academy which is not very well known, in spite of its great cultural interest. 


Three major fourteenth century artworks will return to the San Francesco Museum Complex, of which the town was deprived following Napoleonic spoliations and subsequent scattering of movable assets. These are the large frontal from the main altar in the Chiesa di San Francesco, an extraordinary piece by the Maestro di Fossa, as beautiful as art by Simone Martini, which recent restoration has brought back to its splendour.

During the same period a similar painting was stolen, originally intended for the altar in the Santa Croce Chapel at the Church of Santa Chiara in Montefalco, a shining product of the painter most influenced by Giotto among artists from Spoleto, the Maestro di Cesi. It is also worth mentioning the procession standard with the Passion of Christ by the latter painter, also originally in the Church of San Francesco at Montefalco.







MONTEFALCO, Saint Francis Museum Complex

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Open August 15th and November 1th
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TREVI, The Saint Francis Art Collection

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Open August 15th and November 1th
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Integration to Ticket "Lands & Museums of Umbria" € 3.00 (on sale in Montefalco and Trevi) 


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  • Spoleto, Museo Diocesano - Basilica di Sant’Eufemia 
  • Rocca Albornoz – Museo Nazionale del Ducato 
  • Scheggino, Spazio Arte Valcasana 




Very important Works of the Fourteenth Century come back in Montefalco, after the looting of art by Napoleon.
The temporary exhibition reveal medieval features of the Church of Saint Francis and also the Forteenth Century of Montefalco. The guided tour tell the complete history of the "monument" Church of Saint Francis, from suggestions of the fourteenth century to the magic  of colours of the Renaissance painting with the frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli.

Reserved Guided Tours, 30 persons at least 

duration 45 minutes

cost € 150.00,  admission ticket not included 

Advanced reservation required



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